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Architectural Window TintingUKAutoPro are specialists in architectural window tinting for commercial buildings, residential buildings, offices, schools and homes around the UK.

Tinted window films create privacy, comfort and style in your home or offices, protecting fixtures and furnishings from fading and at the same time controlling heat levels. Architectural window tinting reduces heat build-up in offices, provides privacy in board rooms and adheres to glazing safety regulations.

At UKAutoPro we supply and install numerous types of architectural window film and window tints and have extensive experience installing window tint in offices, schools, colleges and other commercial and architectural buildings.

All our window tints are of the highest quality and are backed by a full manufacturers warranty.

There are many benefits to window tinting your home or commercial premises:

  • Improve Aesthetics of the building’s windows with silver or bronze mirror effects, decorative frosting, subtle shades or coloured film.
  • Saves you Money by retaining heat and reducing the need for air-conditioning.
  • Glazing Safety by reinforcing your existing glass, ensuring you comply with the latest building/glazing regulations, without the need and cost of replacing windows.



Architectural Window Tinting
Architectural Window Tinting

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