Terms and Conditions

  • Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for damage to heat lines, when removing film installed by a third party, as we don’t know what film has been installed or how said film was installed.
  • All quotes are for the rear half only, please speak to your technician should you require front driver/passenger as there are legal requirements for these. (Please note we cannot offer windscreen window tinting as per the law requiring at least 75% light transmittance on windscreens).
  • Please be aware that all bookings placed for window tinting require at minimum 2 working days notice for cancellations to qualify for a deposit paid return. Please note all refunds are subject to a ‘£5 card processing fee’.
  • Due to external variables such as traffic and delayed jobs we aren’t able to offer an exact time of arrival but will try our best to keep you updated.
  • The price quoted covers the rear half only and extra costs will be incurred for the removal of existing film, front windows & sun strips.
  • On the off chance of extreme weather (including but not limited to unusually strong winds or torrential rain) to ensure quality and completion of service on the rarest of occasions we will ask to reschedule the appointment to a new date.
  • If you wish to cancel the appointment, 2 full business days are required for a full deposit refund. Please also note all refunds are subject to a ‘minus £5 card processing fee’ as agreed in the quote terms and conditions.
  • For the technician to effectively complete the job we ask that full power is accessible on the day and if not alternative solutions are made available.